How to Order Room Service at a Hotel

Room Service

Room service is one of the comforts of staying at a high-class hotel. Even though it can be overpriced, it is definitely something that you should try out while travelling. Room-service gives you the freedom of relaxing in your room while hot delicious food gets delivered to your doorstep. You do not have to go down to the restaurant and wait for your order. With these simple tips, you will be able to make your expenses on room service count.

Order different courses separately

When you have the whole day for yourself in a hotel room, you can order fresh food one by one instead of ordering all at once. Many hotels happily offer course-by-course room service. You do not want your main course to get cold why you are enjoying your starters. Order what you want to enjoy at present, and if you feel like eating more, you can order again since you will be paying for room service anyway.

Pick the right dishes

Pick the dishes that can travel from the kitchen to your room in case the kitchen is in the bottom. If you are ordering something hot and fluffy, it will probably be no more fluffy by the time it reaches your room. If the hotel serves their hot dishes in the hot box, it will still get moist and lukewarm. So the best things to order can be cold noodles, sandwiches, salads, and soup since soup can remain hot for a long time.

Go off-menu

Go off-menu

Take a leap off the menu and try to order something which you would like to eat that is not on the menu. The hotel kitchens have almost all the ingredients to cook possibly anything traditional. If the chef is friendly enough, you can fulfil your wishes. Be polite and make a request while giving instructions.

Order on call

Always prefer to call a person personally rather than using any phone app or smart TV in your room. Talking to a person will make it easy to give instructions. You can have the options that are not mentioned in the menu of the app. You can pair different dishes together and learn about the dishes on the menu that you do not understand. This will let you make better decisions on what you want to eat and also let you know about their daily specials and combos.

Order on call

Ask for hotel sommelier to order wine

If you are staying in a luxury hotel, you will be lucky to find professional sommelier to help you out with picking the best wine for you. You can ask the receptionist to connect you with the hotel’s sommelier. Get permission to talk to them. You can not only enjoy some good wine but also get to learn about their collection and what wine can suit you the best.

Do not forget to top your room service person as they are the ones who need to be willing to deliver good food fast. Tipping them will encourage them to serve you better, and you may receive the delivery first even when you are staying on the tenth floor.

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