Menu Dinner

(Raw Bar)

Build Your Own

6 East Coast oysters 15

6 Little Neck clams 6

5 Colossal Shrimp 15

Chilled Snow Crab legs 15

8 Chilled Mussels Chalaca Style 12

From the Chef

El Ciudadano (great for 1-2 guests) 26

5 little neck clams, 4 east coast oysters, 3 mussels a la chalaca, 2 colossal prawns and a fish ceviche

El Sipan (serves 3-5 guests) 69

a two-tier medly of oysters, clams, colossal prawns,

snow crab legs, mussels and ceviche mixto

La Costanera (serves 5 or more) 105

The ultimate mix of seafood delicacies including ceviche costanera (peekytoe crab, aji tuna, prawns)