(Raw Bar)

Build Your Own

6 East Coast oysters 15

6 Little Neck clams 6

5 Colossal Shrimp 15

Chilled Snow Crab legs 15

8 Chilled Mussels Chalaca Style 12

From the Chef

El Ciudadano (great for 1-2 guests) 26

5 little neck clams, 4 east coast oysters, 3 mussels a la chalaca, 2 colossal prawns and a fish ceviche

 El Sipan (serves 3-5 guests) 69

a two-tier medly of oysters, clams, colossal prawns,

snow crab legs, mussels and ceviche mixto

 La Costanera (serves 5 or more) 105

The ultimate mix of seafood delicacies including ceviche costanera (peekytoe crab, aji tuna, prawns)


Our ceviches are marinated in leche de tigre and aji chilies They are served with red onion, cilantro, yams and choclo Choice of:

Pescado – Grouper (Mero) 15

Mixto – grouper (mero), octopus, shrimp, squid 16

Costanera – lump crab, seasame crusted ahi tuna, shrimp 17

Similar to ceviche but the fish is cut sashimi style and the aji chilies play a starring role. Choice of:

Tradicional-grouper (mero) with aji rocoto, cilantro 14

Nikkei–sesame crusted ahi tuna, aji amarillo, soy-lime dressing 17

Classic mashed potato cakes filled with avocado and your choice of salad

Vegetariano (marinated artichokes) 9

Limeña (chicken breast) 9

Cangrejo (lump crab) 12

Jalea 19
Crispy seafood topped with salsa criolla

 Chicharron de Pescado 14
Quinoa-crusted fish fritters, topped with salsa golf and salsa criolla

Anticuchos      9
Marinated Peruvian style kebabs served with roasted potato and choclo

Choice of:
Classico (beef heart)             Pollo (chicken thigh)

Yuquitas a la Huancaina       8
Crispy yucca served with classic huancaina sauce

Ensalada Andino     8
Salad of field greens, quinoa, choclo, queso fresco, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, radish and almonds dressed with a Huacatay vinaigrette

Chori-Papa     9
Chili-dusted crispy potatoes with spicy pork chorizo

Chupe de Camarones     9
Spicy prawn soup with rice, queso fresco, and huacatay

Aguadito de Pollo     7
Classic chicken, cilantro and rice soup

(Main Course)

Pescado a lo Macho     24
Pan roasted Atlantic Cod, spicy seafood sauce

Escabeche de Pescado     21
Pan roasted Atlantic Cod, spiced pickled onions, yam

Chaufa de Camarones     26
Shrimp wok-fried rice with Asian vegetables

Pescado Entero     M/P
Whole fish of the day

Arroz con Mariscos     25
Seafood yellow rice topped with salsa criolla

Parihuela Costanera     26
Peruvian seafood stew / bouillabaisse

Seco Norteño     29
Braised Colorodo young Lamb Shank, canary beans, yuca

Lomo Saltado     24
Sliced, wok-seared Angus Hanger Steak, red onion, tomato, soy

Churrasco a lo Pobre     31
Grilled Black Angus rib eye, tacu-tacu, maduros, fried egg

Pollo a la Brasa     15
Traditional, Peruvian rotisserie free-range chicken

Tallarin con Bisteck     24
Spaghetti tossed in your choice of sauce, grilled Angus Skirt Steak

Choose from Huancaina– queso and Aji Amarillo sauce or
Tallarin Verde – Peruvian Basil Pesto

Duo  Vegetariano     15
Lentejas Andino – Peruvian style braised lentils
and Quinoa Saltado with spinach and tomato


Yuca     4
Cassava: steamed or fried

Papas     4
Potatoes: steamed, roasted or fried

Platanos     4
Maduros (sweet) or Tostones (savory)

Huancaina Sauce     5
Classic  queso fresco-Aji Amarillo sauce

Vegetales del Dia    4
Market vegetable of the day

Ensalada Mixta     4
Mixed greens, tomatoes, radish, cucumber, carrots, lime vinaigrette

Ensalada de Quinoa     6
Quinoa, almonds, tomatoes, dried cranberries, lime vinaigrette

Arroz     3
Long grain white rice

Tacu-Tacu     6
Peruvian rice and canary bean hash, Aji Amarillo

Frejoles Canarios     4
Braised canary beans (vegetarian)